Hi there, thank you for stopping by!

So word has it, you’re curious to find out more about us!

Let me break the ice and introduce myself – my name is Michael and I’m the owner of Wreck it.

If I had to describe our company, I’d say this: we’re young, we’re innovating, and we know how to have fun. ;-)
But if you want to learn more about the whole concept of rage rooms, then here’s what an average day at the office looks like!

Sometime around noon, I get a call.
- Hello, is this, Rage Room Wreck It?

I can feel the enthusiasm.
- Yes, this is Michael speaking, I said. How can we help you?

By now, I’m used to it. Phone calls at the office are always like that. People are eager to come in and start breaking things but still not sure what to expect.
- Listen, I saw your newspaper story about you know, the rage room. I’m not really into fighting or anything. Really, I’m not! But I’ve been having a really bad week and I’d really like to blow off some steam.

Well, doesn’t that sound like our ideal customer!
- Oh, you’ve called the right place! Listen, we have this package called Anti-stress, it’s ideal for people coming for the first time! And I think it might be a great fit for you!

I feel him smile over the phone.
- Well… you had me at anti-stress!


Thomas the customer
Two days later, I arrive 15 minutes early. Michael told me to pick my own music – which I did.
Honestly, I have no idea what it feels like to smash a few plates – but Wreck it seemed like a better option than going to the cinema anyway.

Michael helps me pick my style, as he calls it. Basically, you choose the helmet you’re going to wear on your head and some fancy armor. Then I get to decide my – uh – weapon of choice.
Between a large crowbar, a heavy hammer, and a baseball bat, I went with the bat. Seemed the least aggressive to me.

Once Michael makes sure I’m all set – don’t forget the good shoes! – I enter the room. I take a deep breath and look around.
Right in the front, I see dozens of glasses lined up. In the back row, glass bottles. Behind them, I see colorful cups and bowls and everything else you were not allowed to touch in your grandma’s China cabinet as a kid.

Have fun, says Michael with a smile and leaves me alone. In the background, my favorite tune plays. Well, I might just as well get going. See what all this thing is about.
I take another deep breath and aim for the glass closest to me and… SMASH!
The glass turns to dust in seconds. Okay, that isn’t bad, I think to myself.
I set 3 glasses together – can I get them all at the same time? Let’s see. CRUSH! Whoa, who would’ve thought I could!

Next, I turn to the porcelain plates. Not as easy to break – and I realize why you might need a hammer. Kshhhhhh – nice!
With each new hit, I feel the adrenaline rising. I’m thrilled! This is awesome! And for some reason, this feels… good!

Then I start experimenting a bit. Stack glasses on top of plates. CRAASH! HAHA! YES! WHO’S STRESSED NOW?!
Assemble a tower of plates – add a bottle on top. I smash once. Twice. Three times. Man, this is like a full-blown cardio workout!

Right before I know it, everything’s smashed.
- How was your visit? Michael grins at me.

I exhale and grin back.
- When can I book the group option next?

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