About us



Wreck it is a rage room that loves adventure, creativity and special experiences. Founded by Michaël Bernaert in 2018 as the first rage room of Belgium, it has been a leading company for shaping the rage room business.

Have fun!

Go bananas! We firmly want to offer the best of experiences. That’s why our sessions can take up to 1 hour! Great rooms, fair prices and a personal touch are only a few of our excellent services.

Safe and responsable

With protection and fun as our main concern, we offer this for all people who either love to try something new, or for people who just feel like wrecking something.


Of course you want to know if it’s responsible to break things. All our breakables were deemed to be thrown away. After your session we sort everything so all the remains can be recycled. As a responsible company we’re just an extra step between the consumer and the waste companies.

See you soon!